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Ironstone stikker til fjells!

Ironstone drar til Skåbu for en helg til fjells, hygge, en liten løpetur og en ultramaraton for de spesielt interesserte...


Meet the team: Ellen, CEO

She will lead the company as it has taken a new and exciting course. After a few weeks at the company, we thought the timing was right for everyone...

Ironstone 2020 Roundup

2020 has been an eventful year, and I would like to highlight some events and provide some resources to empower you in 2021.


Epicenter Stockholm, here we come!

Stockholm, Sweden: We are excited to announce that we have moved offices in Sweden to Epicenter. Currently, Ironstone has office spaces in Oslo and...


Meet the Team: Erik, CFO

We are pleased to announce that Erik has joined the team as our CFO.

Ironstone is a Microsoft Power Apps Partner

We are pleased to announce that we have become a certified Microsoft Power Apps partner. Whether you're evaluating business needs, looking for a...


Meet the team: Stephen, Cloud Expert

We are pleased to announce that Stephen has joined the team as a Cloud Expert, and the Azure team keeps on growing.

Microsoft Edge (Chromium) – Top features

Microsoft has listened to feedback from the community and decided to rebuild Microsoft Edge from scratch; built upon the Chromium Engine, the same...


Reporting Capabilities in Intune

Reporting and auditing have been quite limited in Intune. Last year, Microsoft released Intune Reports in public preview. What can you do with the...

Christmas Wishes & Opening Hours

We at Ironstone would like to say a big thank you to customers, partners, and contacts for a great 2019. It has been a year filled with exciting...


Meet the Team: Shantanu, Cloud Expert

We are happy to announce that Shantanu has joined the team as a Cloud Expert, and the Modern Workplace team is growing. It’s a delight to see the...


Meet the Team: Ole Petter, Junior Cloud Operator

We are pleased to announce that Ole Petter has joined the team as a Cloud Junior Operator. After six weeks at Microsoft University, he’s finally back...


Notification: More RDS vulnerabilities

RDP is vulnerable again, as Microsoft just patched multiple new vulnerabilities in the RDS component on most Windows operating systems, both servers,...


Travel Letter: Azure Architect Bootcamp

Morten, Head of Operations and Olav, Cloud Expert went to Azure Architects Bootcamp earlier this year. Here’s a recap by Olav with highlights from...


Travel Letter: Ignite The Tour

A part of the technical team went to Ignite earlier this year. The team chose different tracks to attend based on their focus areas. Here's a recap...


Travel Letter: KubeCon

KubeCon was a celebration of Kubernetes fifth anniversary and community. The event hosted 8000 participants from all over the world. Here's a recap...


Vulnerability Notification: BlueKeep

As you may or may not know, Microsoft recently patched a vulnerability "CVE-2019-0708" named "BlueKeep" in the RDP protocol. This vulnerability...


Kubernetes guide: Why and how to use

Kubernetes can help solve previous challenges regarding container management. In this blog we explain the most important things you need to know...


Welcome Mikael, Junior Cloud Operator

In March we welcomed Mikael to the team as a Junior Cloud Operator. We are very excited and pleased to have him onboard our growing company.


We have moved to Epicenter!

2019 will be our third year in business. Ironstone now has 11 employees and growing rapidly. Business is going very well, customers are seeking our...


Welcome Marte, Cloud Business Advisor

We started the new year by welcoming a great addition to the team. We are happy to announce that Marte has joined the Ironstone team as a Cloud...


Naming Conventions In Azure

The main Azure resource list is typically a big mess of everything in your subscriptions. Everything is by default listed in alphabetical order, and...

Top 10 upcoming features from Microsoft

In this blog post we are taking a look at what 2019 will bring us. Here is our list of 10 upcoming features from Microsoft that we are really looking...


Top 5 new Azure features in 2018

Microsoft release new features to their cloud platforms at a rapid phase, so we will only dive into some of the ones we like the most. In addition,...


Welcome Jacqueline, Cloud Business Advisor

The team is growing! We are happy to announce that we have hired Jacqueline as our Cloud Business Advisor. She will have the main responsibility for...


Top 5 Azure Tips: Reduced Cost

In this blog post we’ll walk you through 5 tips on how to significantly reduce cost in your Azure environment. We will try to keep it as simple as...


New Features - Supporting a Modern Workplace

Two great new features announced at Microsoft Ignite 2018, supporting a modern workplace; enabling easier deployment management and increasing...


The Guide to Digital Success - The End-Game

When in the cloud, it’s important to not just sit back and think that you're done. It’s time to get on top of your game, stay there and accelerate.


The Guide to Digital Success - Before Take-Off

The strategy often include the right words. But before you go ahead and put the plans into action, make sure you have these pointers in mind. Here...


The Guide to Digital Success - Status Quo

Everyone has a digital strategy, but not everyone knows how they best can realize it, with as few hiccups and challenges as possible. The strategy...


Best Place to Work - an end-user's story

If we take the focus away from ‘product specifications’ or ‘how it’s supposed to work’ what more can be useful to know? Well, how it really works for...


One dashboard for everything YOU need

Having to log in to several portals in one workday is a well-known problem. How about just having one where you have everything you need, with...


The Power BI Project

We believe in great partnerships. Together with Printix we at Ironstone have created a free PowerBI Dashboard available for all partners of Printix,...


Welcome Tomas, System Architect

Stockholm, Sweden: Ironstone is pleased to announce that Ironstone has hired Tomas as a System Architect.


GDPR - the changes summarised

The GDPR becomes effective on May 25th 2018. Not all companies are prepared for the new regulation or even fully aware of what this means for their...


Microsoft Teams - Supports the modern team

With the trend of having many devices and working from different locations, your team should have a platform to communicate, share and create new...


Get ready for the new year with Azure AD

Being connected on more devices means people have more options to access applications from anywhere. Azure AD solutions protect and manage identity.


Top 11 benefits of Azure

The cloud holds unlimited potential, which is why our team at Ironstone have formulated a list of top 11 benefits of cloud.


What is the best way to purchase Azure?

Microsoft offers several different ways to buy Azure services. This can be confusing and unnecessary when you just want to make the right decision.


Ironstone @ Radar Summit 2017

Our day at Radar Summit 2017. A day filled with interesting people, conversations and speakers.


GDPR - Where to begin?

First of all, we recommend to start soon with the work to get GDPR ready. Postponing the transition may give you little room for finding optimal...


The evolution of deployment

After the launch of Windows 10 and the emerge of modern devices, the game of delivering devices to your users have changed.


The challenges of legacy deployment

Since the beginning of modern IT, it's been a reflexive respond from any organizations IT department to address deployment to include a complete...


Ironstone: Good as Gold!

Ironstone is pleased to announce that it has become a Gold Partner for Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform. This is Microsoft’s highest partnership...


How to use the cloud in your business

Whether it’s enabling your employees to work from anywhere, gather insight from stored data or boosting your online presence, the cloud can help your...


The Game Changer -  Ironstone

With so much integration of the IT culture in your infrastructure, it becomes even more important to work with a company which truly understands your...


The Phantom is dead, long live The Phantom!

What we see happening today with Cloud Computing is not in any way a revolution, but more of an evolution. What was true yesterday might not be true...

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