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JoyTech’s solutions are now running from the Microsoft Azure platform

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The people at JoyTech have developed completely automated solutions designed to give providers of great experiences the possibility to provide their users with great memories that can last for a lifetime. Now JoyTech’s solutions are running from the Microsoft Azure platform.

A video software that processes videos in seconds.


From a year of development, to a year of focus on marketing and scaling 

The development began with little to no funds and using gaming computers as the power to run and host the application from a shared office in Oslo. After they gained traction in the market, it was decided to optimize the setup of the application to run more stably and to scale more effectively.  

“We initially thought that it would be way too expensive to run the solution in the cloud. But to be able to grow the right way we needed to get rid of the challenges with downtime and short-term solutions. In hindsight we should have moved to Azure at a much earlier stage.” Marcus says.   

JoyTech searched for a partner that could take care of the environment and invoicing for consumption on a monthly basis. After the environment was migrated to CSP, an assessment on the environment was performed. Ironstone provided a report with recommendations and a few quick tips and tricks. In this way JoyTech was able to optimize the application and further follow the recommendations at their own pace.  

“The transition went quickly and the application now runs smoothly. From the very first project after moving we experienced some of the many benefits of migrating to the cloud. Instead of borrowing gaming computers from friends to scale up I now get an email every time our system has auto-scaled.” Marcus says.


One step ahead of the game, and future business growth with AI

Now, JoyTech can completely focus on their application in an environment that is secure and able to scale with their application. The broad portfolio of available functionality that comes with Microsoft Azure, open source code, and knowledge sharing in communities unlocks a universe of opportunities once migrated to Azure. 

The people at JoyTech have already started to look at how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning can help their product evolve and expand, to further create business opportunities in new exciting markets.  

"There are so many cases where automated video indexing, sorting, or editing can be used. Each with their own challenges. Some need to be able to produce 9000 videos within two hours, others need deep learning for sorting videos based on certain attributes in an image. In Azure we can quickly deliver proof of concept for any scenario.” Says Marcus


JoyTech have been looking at how cognitive services can help their product evolve and expand to further create business opportunities in new exciting markets. They have now developed a solution and entered the world of motor sports.

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