Azure for Developers

Why should you choose Microsoft Azure?

Our experience is that software developers are good with code. For the application to run optimally computer power is needed. This is where Azure and cloud services come into the picture.

Azure can contribute to optimal operation and offers features such as access management, two factor authorization, name standard, and region selection. We can assist you with best practices for security and control so you can focus on your core business.

When the application runs in Azure, you can more easily extract information about your application´s run data with the help of modern monitoring services. Better insight gives you a better basis for working proactively to reduce risk and downtime.

Why choose Ironstone as a partner?
We are a partner of Microsoft with a direct Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) agreement. In practice, this means that we can deliver Azure on behalf of our customers. We operate with the same prices as Microsoft, but receive a kickback on all customer consumption, in exchange for providing technical support and billing for the customer.

We deliver flexible projects built for your business’ needs and focus on delivering a solid and secure foundation, so you can focus on building and deploying your application
    Use our expertise to optimize your applications for Azure, scale them successfully and keep them safe, with real-time cost control. 
    Maintain performance as you grow to keep your business secure, complaint and always-on - and with full ownership of your environment. 
    Deploy safely in a secure cloud environment with the right governance and controls in place to make sure your IP is protected.

With over 50% of our customers being Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) we have been able to build up a competence and experience, which has developed into a ‘’framework’’ for ISVs, taking you all the way from migration of an application to deployment of new applications or scale. It contains 5 main phases and we call it ‘’Azure for Developers’’. ​

ISV illustration wheel
The “Azure for Developers” solution is built for ISVs and customized after your business needs, with a goal of efficiently moving your application and further support your business in the cloud. 

At Ironstone, our customer's business comes first; everything we do have one thing in common, improving your business. Whether its automating processes, implementing new functionality, or developing new concepts and services.


This is what some of our customers says about us:  

Bergans of Norway AS 
"We are happy to work with Ironstone to modernize our IT solution, so we can offer innovative solutions to our end customers." - Espen Jensen, IT Manager Bergans of Norway AS

Metier OEC AS
"With a proactive partner such as Ironstone, we have come a lon way towards our strategic goal. The transition was driven by our business needs and not technology." - Frank Johansen, CTO & Product Director Metier OEC

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