Ironstone for software vendors 

What is an ISV?

Independent Software Vendor (ISV) comes in all sizes and shapes. If you are a software developer who distributes, markets, and sells your own developed applications, then your business is what we call an ISV.

Why should you, as an ISV, choose Azure?

Our experience is that software developers are good with code. For the application to run optimally computer power is needed. This is where Azure and cloud services come into the picture.

Azure can contribute to optimal operation and offers features such as access management, two factor authorization, name standard, and region selection. We can assist you with best practices for security and control so you can focus on your core business.

When the application runs in Azure, you can more easily extract information about your applicationĀ“s run data with the help of modern monitoring services. Better insight gives you a better basis for working proactively to reduce risk and downtime.

Why choose Ironstone as a partner?
We are a partner of Microsoft with a direct Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) agreement. In practice, this means that we can deliver Azure on behalf of our customers. We operate with the same prices as Microsoft, but receive a kickback on all customer consumption, in exchange for providing technical support and billing for the customer.

  • Ironstone operates with Scandinavian support and has an efficient escalation of cases towards Microsoft due to an extended Microsoft partner support agreement (Advanced support for partners).
  • We have broad experience of working with ISVs, currently around 50% of our customers are ISVs, of all sizes. As an experienced partner we can offer good estimates of how much work and projects will cost before we get started. This gives you good control of the costs, so that we avoid situations where they get out of control.
  • When migrating to Ironstone CSP our Cloud Advisors help you optimize your Azure environment. Normally we see a decrease of 20% in consumption after migration and optimization.

In addition to moving customers over to Azure, we have developed two managed services that help ISVs succeed with Microsoft Azure, and in scaling efforts, secure applications and further develop in order to remain a competitive business.


Advisory Services
Advice and optimization in Azure
Business Continuity 
Monitoring and insights in Azure
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What will the process with us look like?

First, we set up a free meeting in which we assess the existing environment. This technical review is intended to identify needs, uncover shortcomings and errors, provide you with customized recommendations, and calculate costs and potential savings.

You will then receive a non-binding offer based on the assessment, so that you can decide what to do.

If you wish to proceed with the offer, we will agree on further work. We offer all new customers free* migration to Azure through the Ironstone CSP agreement, against a 12 months contract on the CSP consumption. In other cases, we operate with 3 months mutual resignation.
*changes may occur after the technical review


This is what some of our customers says about us:  

Bergans of Norway AS 
"We are happy to work with Ironstone to modernize our IT solution, so we can offer innovative solutions to our end customers." - Espen Jensen, IT Manager Bergans of Norway AS

Metier OEC AS
"With a proactive partner such as Ironstone, we have come a lon way towards our strategic goal. The transition was driven by our business needs and not technology." - Frank Johansen, CTO & Product Director Metier OEC

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