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What can Azure offer companies which develop software?

We find that these companies often are made up of technically competent employees and many developers. These guys can ...

We find that these companies often are made up of technically competent employees and many developers. These guys can code and are experts on their application, but in need, to a different degree, of help from external IT consultants to operate in the best possible way.

Suppose you get help from external IT consultants. In that case, you either find a partner who takes full responsibility for moving and setting up your application in the cloud, or you ask someone for support or a counseling guide while you execute the project yourselves. Regardless of your choice, the goal should always be to set up a secure, scalable, and structured operating environment.

Concerning this, we've come up with some essential benefits and reasons why businesses should develop their applications in Azure. What more than increased data power can Azure offer companies which develop software?


Enhanced security – both for your business and your end-users

One of the first things we do when we offer our expertise to a customer is helping you clean up the existing operational setups. These are often set up in an unstructured way that puts safety at risk. By laying down a good governance model for the application's operating environment, you avoid, among other things, storing your or the end-users' data in countries with different laws and data processing and privacy requirements. Such regulations and directives are necessary to follow. Still, if you and your employees do not have enough knowledge on the topic or the operating environment lacks a clear structure, it is not given that this is done correctly.

In addition to the data being stored correctly, they are stored more securely by being hosted on Microsoft servers through Azure. Microsoft has over a thousand security experts who are constantly working on testing and securing the firewalls. Therefore, it is a reassurance in itself to know that Microsoft has this responsibility.


Scaling and cost control

Most of you are looking to the cloud because you see that your application needs more data power and increased scaling to work optimally. In today's modern world, applications and services are expected to work just as well, no matter where you are in the world and how many users are using it at the same time. The cloud is, therefore, the best option. With automatic scaling in Azure, you also have the opportunity to scale up and down as needed instead of preparing for a hypothetical maximum usage. 

You also only pay for actual use, so you don't have to commit to extra costs each month because you expect additional traffic for a short period. If you don't use automatic scaling, the extra data power will stay unused for the rest of the year, but you will still have to pay for it. By scaling up and down based on your actual needs, you will have much better control over your costs.

However, a lot of companies are satisfied with only transitioning to Azure to access this automatic scaling. These companies are missing out on the other opportunities available in the cloud. 

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Faster growth and more opportunities

One of the most important things we do is providing you with guidance and information on how to use the cloud in the best possible way and modernize your application by utilizing the services available on the Azure platform. Instead of spending an infinite number of hours typing and adding new services to your existing application, you can customize the same service that already exists in Azure. Microsoft is also responsible for hosting and maintaining these services, enabling you to save both labor and expenses.

At Ironstone, we have assisted many customers with optimizing their applications by laying down a good governance model and utilizing the services found in Microsoft Azure. We help you set up a secure, scalable, and structured operating environment that suits your business. This is where our expertise lies, and by using this expertise, we will add value to your company. 

As mentioned above, you decide for yourself what role we take in the transition or the operation of your environment. However, we will always act as your right hand, whether it's as a sparring partner or by helping you solve the problems coming your way, contact us today and discover how we can support your business.