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Improve the Speed of your Web Application with Azure Front Door

Do you want your web application to respond twice as fast? All you need is one hour to set up Azure Front Door!

Do you want your web application to respond twice as fast? All you need is one hour to set up Azure Front Door!

Don't let your customers wait for the bus while your competitors hitch them a ride in their Ferrari. Azure Front Door is super easy to deploy and improve your end-users' experience, both for on-premise and Azure applications.


What is Azure Front Door? 

Azure Front Door is a scalable and secure entry point for fast delivery of your global applications.


Azure Front Door Benefits

  • Application Acceleration, which means lower latency for your customers
  • SSL Termination to speed up your backend
  • Session Affinity to handle sticky sessions
  • URL based rewrite, reroute and redirection
  • Web Application Firewall for handling common OWASP attacks

In addition to all the data centers already built, Microsoft has its network of subsea network cables. The network cables are placed strategically around the world. You can see the map here:

The orange dots are edge sites that are utilized by the Azure Front Door. If you deploy a Front Door in front of your web applications, your user's connection uses the Microsoft network to reach the web application. At a higher speed than would be possible without one. To make this possible the Azure Front door leverages technologies such as Anycast Protocol and Split TCP.

If you are interested, you can find all the Azure Front Door locations here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/cdn/cdn-pop-locations


Azure Front Door Test 

We performed a simple test on our customer portal, and we were able to ramp up the speed to almost twice the amount with the usage of Azure Front Door:

Azure Front Door comes with an additional Web Application Firewall. It automatically helps you stop hackers using common OWASP attacks against your application, such as cross-site scripting.

If you want the pages to load even faster, I would recommend that you also add Azure CDN to the infrastructure stack, also deployed at the edge sites. It makes sure all the static content, such as images, are delivered to the customer from the closest edge and not the place where you deployed the site.


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