25.03.2020 - STRATEGY, Recommended, AZURE

How to choose the right hosting model for your SQL services

Migrating from on-premises or starting a new project? We have made it easier to choose the correct hosting model for your SQL service in Azure.

Choosing the correct hosting model for your SQL services in Azure could, at first glance, can be very hard. There's more than enough documentation out there to make the correct choice, but it's a lot to take in. However, when you boil it down to restrictions and features, the choice is straightforward.

Are you an ISV going from OnPrem to Azure? Then this is the guide for you: Quickstart guide – ISV going from OnPrem to Azure


Flow Chart 

Whether you are migrating from on-premises or merely starting a new project, this simple flow chart and the accompanying documentation should be sufficient to make the correct choice.

SQL Migration - Select correct model-1

To find out if your database uses features provided in the hosting model, you need to use the Database Migration Assistant (DMA)





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Jens Andersson Team Lead - Azure

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