Discover our workshops, designed to increase customers' insight and knowledge.  


Azure Cloud Cost

The workshop includes a cost assessment followed by a workshop where we go through the findings and further recommendations. 


Azure Crash Course

An introduction to Azure, where we go through its essential components. We will show you how you can use cloud technology to your advantage and challenge your way of thinking.


Security & Governance

A workshop designed to give companies a better understanding of their environment. Also, it provides the necessary knowledge about relevant security and governance enhancements. 


Azure DevOps

A workshop created for those interested in gaining knowledge about Azure DevOps. It’s a great introduction for companies that want to start with and benefit from utilizing the DevOps framework.   


Azure Cloud Enablement

A comprehensive analysis and deep dive into your environment: Architecture, security, and cost. It will strengthen your knowledge about Azure and your current setup and provides you with a solid foundation for your business to run and grow better with Azure Cloud.


Azure Cloud Migration

A workshop that provides you with the necessary information and data to move the existing Azure environment to CSP. Ironstone assesses the existing environment and goes through all the resources. The data generated will be analyzed to identify a migration plan. 


On-prem to Cloud

In this workshop, we help you with the framework on how to build the initial Azure foundation without having to deal with newbie mistakes. Together, we will look at the different migration strategies, recommended steps, and services available. 

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