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The Phantom is dead, long live The Phantom!

Cloud Revolution, or is it really? When people are saying IT is going through transformation, I say IT has always gone ...

Cloud Revolution, or is it really?

When people are saying IT is going through transformation, I say IT has always gone through transformation. What we see happening today with Cloud Computing is not in any way a revolution, but more of an evolution. What was true yesterday might not be true tomorrow, and of course the opposite applies as well. Things are changing but everything doesn’t change.



We all are consumers

Working in the world of IT in over thirty years Ive seen the changes coming, sometimes slow and sometimes fast. In the early days of computers, we were blinded by the technology, not what they were used for. But times has changed since and when I look at my kids today I see consumers. They have never been interested whats behind the scenes or why things are not working, they just want it to work. For them IT is like electricity, without it everything stops. So why am I writing about this and what about the funky title? Well, our kids are the new workforce! Now both you and I know that this does not just apply to our kids, everyone relies on internet based services, even for our personal life. And we consume it as services.

The Phantom is dead, long live The Phantom!

So back to my strange blog title, The Phantom is dead, long live The Phantom!. I could have written IT is dead, long live IT, but IT isnt dead, never been. But the way services are delivered really needs a new Phantom.  People might say that clouds are just somebody elses datacenter, in a way that is true, but people who thinks that way misses the complete picture. Clouds are so much more than just other people computers, it is a model of how to deliver modern services.

This is still not a revolution, but I would say it is a strong evolution. Today a small startup company can use services limited to large corporations in the past. You can pay for services you use, not build a datacenter full of capacity you dont use. A little bit like we do with electricity.


So why Ironstone?

But if you forget to turn off the lights when you leave for work your bill is going to be higher than expected, just like running an empty virtual machine in the cloud

So where am I going with this, well it is new technology, its a new way of paying for IT, in fact there are a lot of new stuff coming along with clouds. So can you just keep on running IT operations like you always have? My answer is No, you cant, but every day I see examples of companies trying.

This is why I and a couple of smart people started Ironstone!

Our vision is to help companies focus on their business and let us help them taking care of the daily operations. You can focus on delivering the best services there is while we will take care of your infrastructure, servers, platforms or whatever there is behind the scenes. We are a cloud born company, our focus is definitely on the new services, but that does not mean we dont help customers with their legacy. We will be there just not like an ordinary IT vendor but as your partner in the cloud jungle!

Do we really have what it takes? My answer is, Yes we do!

We have many years’ experience from working for and with Microsoft and other hosting companies. What we learned in the past will serve as the foundation for building something new! We are also working very close with our partner Lumagate who is one of the most skilled consultancy companies when it comes to technology and clouds. Together we are a strong team to face even the most interesting challenges.


Please dont hesitate to contact me or anyone else at Ironstone, we would be honored to help you with your challenges in this old-new world.


Yours sincerely,

Jonny Andersson CTO – Ironstone



Now some of you might think, “that was not very technical written from a CTO”. Well, I admit that but I will also give you a promise that my next blog will include some technicalities on how to migrate to CSP. Stay tuned!