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The Guide to Digital Success - Before Take-Off

The strategy often include the right words. But before you go ahead and put the plans into action, make sure you have ...

The strategy often include the right words. But before you go ahead and put the plans into action, make sure you have these pointers in mind. Learn about 3 important things to have in mind before take-off. 

Last week we presented two common status quo scenarios for customers. We will now give you three pieces of advice to help you smooth your journey when you put a new IT project in motion.

If you missed last week’s post: Status Quo Whether you’re in scenario one or two, we predict that you’re in a difficult situation. Perhaps it’s unpredictable costs, wasting of time or lack of innovation and speed needed to move forward and be able to benefit from technology.

3 important things to have in mind before take-off.
The happy news is that since you’re still reading, you have probably recognized your own challenges and are looking for new information to help you succeed.  

The strategy often includes the right words like cloud, AI, automation etc. Before you go ahead and put the plans into action, make sure you have these pointers in mind.

"All roads lead to Rome"
First, you have to make sure that the IT strategy is perfectly aligned with your business strategy. Look at what you want to achieve; there’s no point in implementing something if you don’t get the desired effect. There are always multiple approaches to solve a challenge, but the key is to find the best combination for your business, which provides you with the best value. 

Speed of development
The speed of development makes it even more risky to lag behind. IT solutions are constantly in need of change and evolution to stay relevant and profitable. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your current and future solutions will scale and follow your business development as well as the rest of the industry.

Just imagine implementing a whole new solution, spending a lot of resources and man-hours on implementation and user training, but then everything becomes irrelevant because it cannot support your business needs. Make sure you aim your IT towards future friendliness and flexibility, to make sure you stay on top of the game.

"Cloud state of mind"
Staying proactive is one of the most important factors for success. We can’t stress enough that moving to the cloud is not the finish line; this is just the first mile of your journey. The fun starts once you’re migrated.

See the cloud as a possibility for your business. It’s important to make your team understand and adapt to the changes. This will enable your business to become more efficient and release time to focus on user adoption and innovation and to modernize your legacy applications.

This may feel like a lot now, but don’t worry; you’re not alone and you can come a long way with the right mindset. Make sure you find a partner who shares your values and that you are comfortable will support your business, now and in the future. It won’t help if you have the right mindset but your IT partner doesn’t. Too many times we hear stories where the solution is outdated, getting up to date is not an easy option, and the contracts are long with little or no room for being proactive. It’s sad to see that “money in the bank” seems to be the common mentality; sell once and as much as possible. When it should be more like an “our success depends on your success” mentality, where you get what you really need and a solution as a service.  

We hope this post gave you some things to think about. We will follow this up with a scenario on what it can be like when done right: The end-game in the cloud.