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New Features - Supporting a Modern Workplace

Two great new features announced at Microsoft Ignite 2018, supporting a modern workplace; enabling easier deployment ...

Two great new features announced at Microsoft Ignite 2018, supporting a modern workplace; enabling easier deployment management and increasing mobility.  


Windows (Win32) app deployment using Intune
Building upon the existing support for line-of-business (LOB) apps and Microsoft Store for Business apps, administrators can use Intune to deploy most of their organization’s existing applications to end users on Windows 10 devices. 

Administrators can add, install, and uninstall applications for Windows 10 users in a variety of formats such as MSIs, Setup.exe, or MSP. Intune will evaluate requirement rules before the start of app download/ install and notify end users of the status or reboot requirements using the Windows 10 Action Center. This will effectively unblock organizations interested in shifting this workload to Intune and the Cloud.

The same team that perfected Windows app deployment via Configuration Manager has now built this into Intune. This feature is currently in public preview and Microsoft expect to add significant new capabilities over the next few months.

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Microsoft has added four enterprise management features to its Edge browser for Android and iOS devices that are now available in public preview when using Intune for management. A "dual-identity" feature in the browser will let end users use work accounts and personal accounts in separate browser sessions, and IT pros can set Intune policies for the work accounts.

Next, IT pros also can use Intune to set application protection policies in the Edge browser, such as controlling the use of "cut, copy and paste" actions and screen captures. In addition, access to services and Web apps can be constrained such that end users must use the Edge browser. Lastly, IT pros can enforce the use of "managed favorites and home page shortcuts" for corporate Edge users.

On the Android mobile device management side, Intune is now using Google's new Android Management API, which will broaden management capabilities. Microsoft expects to deliver "a public preview of full device management for Android Enterprise devices by the end of the year" using the new API. The addition of Android Management API use in Intune will open up a complete set of management features "for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and corporate-owned deployments on Android Enterprise," Microsoft promised.

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