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How to easily improve cloud security and compliance

We continuously strive to provide added value to our products and services. Now, we can also assist organizations with ...

We continuously strive to provide added value to our products and services. Now, we can also assist organizations with more insights into the Security aspects of the Cloud environment; Identity, Office 365, and Azure, with our Security Report.

Now more than ever, organizations need to get control of security aspects in their cloud environment. Over the past months, with an increased amount of organizations enabling remote working, we have experienced a higher demand from companies in need of security measures. With security being my field of expertise, it does not come as any surprise, and I can also somewhat relate to the people who previously have not prioritized security before any experienced security breach. With that said, it is a great relief that organizations now, with the increased digital transformation and remote working, search for ways to increase security measures.

Therefore, we decided to develop a useful Security Report to help companies become more proactive on the security front, both short- and long term.

"I have seen a lot of security reports and assessments in my 11 years of working with IT and predominantly in Cyber Security. I can with confidence say that the report provides a simple and great overview of security posture of the cloud set up. You can find my top 5 value pointers for the report below.” – Francis, Tech Lead - Security Operations

  • Simple overview of your Security posture for management and technical personnel
  • Metrics aligned with Security frameworks such as ISO27001, NIST and CIS 
  • Key insights on identity protection, email security and data protection in Azure and Office 365
  • Identifies and prioritize controls that need immediate attention
  • Recommendations for all findings

Security Report

The report is intended to assess the current set up and provide meaningful security metrics on Identity, Office 365, and Azure. Additionally, each metric aligns with multiple Security frameworks for effective Governance and Compliance. You will be able to assess and secure solutions that incorporate Azure Active Directory, Office 365, and Azure services. Over a period, the trend analysis on the metrics would provide a basis to measure controls and improve them.

- Feedback so far has been that we are able to provide a security report of high quality and value, offering useful insights and recommendations. It is an excellent resource to have in place before any future projects or implementations.


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