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How JoyTech entered a new market after moving to the Azure platform

JoyTech have been looking at how cognitive services can help their product evolve and expand to further create business ...

JoyTech have been looking at how cognitive services can help their product evolve and expand to further create business opportunities in new exciting markets. They have now developed a solution and entered the world of motor sports.

The people at Joy Tech AS have developed completely automated solutions designed to give providers of great experiences the possibility to provide their users with great memories that can last for a lifetime. JoyTech’s solutions run from the Microsoft Azure platform. You can read about their journey here to the cloud here 


A foundation that enables JoyTech to further develop their business

“The first time we developed our solution it was with a very narrow scope which created barriers towards delivering the ideal solutions for the next markets we would enter. During the migration planning Ironstone was very conscious regarding what services we needed to migrate to in order to avoid making the same mistake again.” says Marcus Horn, CEO at JoyTech

With an existing versatile solution for automated video editing they are focusing their efforts on enhancing their solutions for automated video sorting. In order to deliver a sophisticated service JoyTech need to acquire enough data to train deep learning algorithms that will quickly identify the area of interest.


Entering the world of motor sports

JoyTech are now expanding into motor sports, adding another “block” to their existing solutions for bike races and marathons.

“Our platform now works like building with Legos. For each customer we can simply connect the needed blocks and deliver the best possible solution for the customer.”

Joy Tech’s services can add great value to motor sports such as Rally, GoKart and Sports car racing by enabling each participant to get a customized recap of their race where the vehicle can be identified by utilizing cognitive services. In Azure, they are able to quickly deliver proof of concept for any scenario.

 “We have considered a wide range of alternatives for automatically understanding what vehicles the camera is focused on. In order to solve the challenge, we decided that image analysis would be the most user-friendly and internationally scalable solution. As this requires a lot of data, our target is to have a fully functional solution by the end of 2019.”

Video: From the Norwegian championships Rally race. CEO Marcus Horn describing how JoyTech’s solution works.


Joytech’s goal with this solution is to give anyone who participates in race car events or tries out the sport in dedicated arenas a memory from the experience with similar quality as the videos created for the best in the sport. Check out Joytech’s services here