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3 easy steps to boosting your workplace productivity

Now more than ever, employees are asking – some might even say demanding – more flexibility from their organization.

Now more than ever, employees are asking – some might even say demanding – more flexibility from their organization.   

We are moving away from the concept of working nine to five, in the same office space and at the same computer: a computer that is likely to have been locked down so tight that you can’t even change the most basic settings. Instead, we want to have the option of working whenever, wherever – and on whatever device we want to. 

For a business, this flexibility can result in more satisfied users, leading to higher productivity. So how can you foster this way of working? How do you embrace the Modern Workplace way of thinking? And what are the key things to consider? 

We recognize three steps to making flexible working a reality:  


Any device 

Do you have the same access to your business applications from home or on the road as you do in your office? If not, did you know that you easily could? Don’t let something as simple as your device limit the way your users can work. 

With modern cloud technology and tools, you can now access your work applications from all your devices, regardless of whether it’s PC, mac, android or iOS device. It’s now easier than ever to empower users by letting them choose what device they are working on – so why not let them?  



Once you have technology in place to access business applications from any device, you have laid the foundations to allow working from any place. Studies have shown that remote working can help to improve employee satisfaction and productivity. 

By using Conditional Access and Multi-factor Authentication, you can add extra layers of security, making sure your users’ identities stay secure no matter where they work.   



By letting your users work from Any Device and Anyplace, you, by default, eliminate the limits of when they can work. 

This is good news for early birds and night owls, who no longer need to work within specific hours of the day. It also helps employees to have a better work/life balance, freeing them up to attend doctor’s appointments at convenient times, or pick the kids up from school, without losing any hours from their work day.


We hope that this blog has given you some ideas on how you can boost productivity by providing a flexible way of working, however it’s important to consider how this will also create challenges for your IT department. Do you want to learn more? 


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