Cloud Security

A modern security solution providing a thorough analysis of your setup. Get all your findings and risk in a clear report with further recommendations and actions, so you can work more efficiently and have a proactive approach.


All the power of Cloud in a secure way

Cloud services are continuously developing and security threats get more advanced. We have built a solution to ensure that you are covered and always in control.

Governance & Licensing

We report on governance and licensing as well as security, resulting in a complete solution.

Immediate Response

We contact you right away if we find a critical issue during the generation of reports.

Action Plan

We connect findings with common security frameworks and provide further recommendations.

Security Experts

We find security issues that no other automatic solution can and our experts can assist you if needed.


To help companies become more proactive on the security front, both short- and long term, we have developed a report to support you with assessing and securing solutions that incorporate Azure Active Directory, Office 365, and Azure services.



Due to the NIS Directive a set of verticals in the
EU is forced to implement measures to prevent, uncover and reduce the impact of events that might influence critical operational services. Businesses will need to comply with the new laws.

Discover how you can better secure your business