21.11.2018 - MEET THE TEAM

Welcome Jacqueline, Cloud Business Advisor

The team is growing! We are happy to announce that we have hired Jacqueline as our Cloud Business Advisor. She will have the main responsibility for following up existing customers and making sure they get what they need in order to stay ahead of the game. 

Jacqueline has a master’s in IT Management and a cloud business diploma from Microsoft University. After four years of experience from the IT industry, she is now ready for new cloud adventures at Ironstone.

“My career started at Microsoft working with cloud services, sales, and marketing. After a few years I transitioned into a Partner Account Manager at a leading Microsoft distributor where I focused exclusively on Microsoft Cloud Provider Program (CSP).”

What experience do you value the most?

- Looking back on my experience I have not only learned a great deal about Microsoft technologies, but more importantly how to drive sales processes and how to build strategic partnerships and relationships.

Why Ironstone? 

- It’s a start-up company with great potential. I am excited to be a part of the company in an early stage. I believe Ironstone is one of only a few companies in today’s market which has the ability to truly make businesses leverage from Microsoft Cloud Services.

We are excited to have a new member on board and believe she’s a great addition to the team. This will enable Ironstone to maintain the momentum and continue to reach out to our customers.


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