We will join forces with SHE and together be a part of the change

Ironstone focus on building a culture and continuously work to align its business with mindset and values. We believe that equality is crucial for future business success, and have partnered up with SHE. 

“It’s the mindset, culture, and shared values of the people within Ironstone that differentiate us from our competitors. We build competence every day and invest in our people. Creativity is important to us, and we believe diversity will make creativity thrive.” – Tormod Eek, CEO at Ironstone.

SHE Community strives to make businesses better. And by better they mean more diverse. Through events, conferences, study programs, and as a consulting partner to businesses they aim to motivate for diversity and inspire for equality – for all people.

Ironstone will not only join SHE as a partner but also make sure that the SHE Index runs in Azure and support the rest of SHE on its journey to become 100% cloud based.

We will be attending Europe’s largest gender equality conference at Oslo Spektrum on March 5th. Will we see you at the SHE Conference?

Going forward, we will join forces with SHE and together be a part of the change we want to see in the future


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