Making the entire cloud work for your business,
is no work at all.

Advisory Services by Ironstone

Leverage the new opportunity with immediate results

Built upon three pillars, our advisory service supports your Azure environment end-to-end, ensuring your business is always reaping the benefits of cloud. From useful insights that help to reduce costs to enabling your in-house team, Ironstone’s advisory service will help your business succeed.

Optimize your Azure environment 

The cloud is a goldmine for agility and innovation, but it’s easy to miss a feature that will enable your business work to its fullest potential. Our team will look at your Azure environment and produce useful recommendations that are designed to help you optimize your set up.

Control Your Cloud Costs

Making decisions is always easier when you have the right information. Our team will provide you with a simple, real-time overview of consumption, change of usage and comparisons, so that you are better equipped to control your costs, directing spending to where it’s needed most.

Enable Your Team

As a true Microsoft Partner, we have the expertise in innovative cloud solutions and how they can benefit your business. Our Service Desk will address any of the urgent requests, while our Azure experts will advise your in-house IT team to make sure your business is maximising the potential of Azure.

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We enable you to evolve and thrive

Consulting power

We understand our clients’ challenges, which is why our Advisory Services are designed to help you make the most of your cloud journey, with real expertise supporting you along the way

Knowledge transfer

We recognize that educating and enabling your in-house team is crucial for business success. Our dedicated team will ensure your internal resources know how to fully leverage the power of the cloud.

Partner network

Ironstone’s vast partner network will support you in overcoming any of your business challenges, from system integration to custom development. We’re happy to work with third parties to help you achieve a seamless cloud experience.

Reporting and recommendations

Your IT architecture should keep on evolving together with your business. Our unique insights and recommendations report will help you to make the most of the cloud, while reducing the cost.

A single, clear bill

Transparency is at the heart of our service –which is why we produce one bill, clearly outlining usage, as well as predicting future consumption, so you can adjust your spending.

Devoted local support

Our team is happy to support you throughout your cloud journey – together we can solve any issue or challenge which may arise on the road

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