Azure Cloud Cost

The Azure Cloud Cost workshop includes an assessment followed by a workshop where we go through the findings and further recommendations. 

Firstly, we perform a cost analysis of your existing Azure environment to understand your costs in Azure better and look at how to optimize your costs from now on. By assessing the environment, we look at ways to save money using best practices, metrics, and service-specific knowledge. 

The workshop will walk through the assessment and all its findings. We will also walk you through a demo of the cost management tool for you to understand the generated costs.  

Summary of workshop content: 

  • Walk-through of the Cost Assessment
  • Understand your costs in Azure  
  • Demo of Azure Cost Management  
  • How can you control and optimize? 
  • Recommendations 

After the workshop, you should have the foundation and basics in place to identify and better control, optimize, and manage your costs in Azure. 

Workshop requirements: Environment must have been active for at least three months and global reader to Azure environment.  

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