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At Ironstone we only work in the cloud and therefore a high expertise within this field. Azure provides over 100 services that enable you to do everything from running your existing applications on virtual machines to exploring new software paradigms such as intelligent bots and mixed reality.

It can be challenging to find your way around this jungle of opportunities if you don’t have enough knowledge. Many teams start exploring the cloud by moving their existing applications to virtual machines that run in Microsoft Azure.


What is Microsoft Azure?

Azure is Microsoft's cloud computing platform. Put in another way, it's a way to rent computing power and storage. Azure is continually expanding with cloud services that help your organization meet your current and future business challenges.

Azure gives you the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive global network using your favorite tools and frameworks. You can treat cloud resources like you would your resources in your own data center. When you're done using them, you give them back. You're billed only for what you use. Read more about Azure here.


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The consumption-based model brings with it many benefits such as no upfront infrastructure costs and full ownership of environment. You can increase or decrease the resources and services used based on demand or workload at any given time. A broad set of policies, technologies and controls that can provide better security than most organizations can otherwise achieve.


Why Microsoft Azure?

Think of all the ways you interact with devices that weren’t possible just a few years ago. Many devices can recognize your face and respond to voice commands. Augmented reality changes the way you interact with the physical world. Household appliances are even becoming intelligent. These are just a few examples, many of which are powered by the cloud.

To power your services and deliver innovative and novel user experiences more quickly, the cloud provides on-demand access to:

  • A nearly limitless pool of raw computing, storage, and networking components.
  • Speech recognition and other cognitive services that help make your application stand out from the crowd.
  • Analytics services that enable you to make sense of telemetry data coming back from your software and devices.

While migrating your existing apps to virtual machines is a good start, the cloud is more than just "a different place to run your virtual machines". The real value of the cloud is that it enables you to quickly solve your toughest business challenges and bring cutting edge solutions to your users. This is often where a partner comes in. Many do not have this expertise in-house, and therefore need assistance from someone who knows how.


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