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DIGITAL EVENT | ON-DEMAND | Duration: 40 min

Transform your application in Microsoft Azure

How can you transform your application to a modern cloud-based app running on serverless technology, what challenges can you expect, and how can you benefit from it? 

We want to share our experience and through cases, explain and highlight important things to think about and discuss the real benefits of getting things right from the start.   

Our CTO, Jens Andersson and Sales & Relations Director, Harald Karlsen will in this session show you how you can use cloud technology to your advantage and challenge your way of thinking. 

  • Why Public Cloud and Microsoft Azure?  
  • PaaSSaaS and IaaS – what difference does it make?  
  • Cloud framework and Security – understand its true value!  
  • How much can you control and optimize costs?  
  • Can you improve scale with ease and increase innovation?
  • How can you benefit from DevOps and Automation?     

Join us for this session and gain valuable insights. We look forward to sharing our experience and knowledge. After the session, you should have a better idea of how you can accelerate your cloud success! 

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