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The Start
The year is 2016, it all started with recognizing the challenges and need of change in the industry. An idea became a mission, to build up a company that support customers with modern, flexible, user-friendly and always up to date cloud solutions. And it was decided to start up a 100% cloud company by the name Ironstone.


The Focus
Ironstone puts business first, your business. By this we mean that we focus on the business and value for our customers, we just happen to work with IT. We use IT to enable business, using current and new technology to refine what’s already in place. Ironstone will be your business partner rather than a traditional IT-partner.


The Value
We want to make our customers look at IT spending in a different way, and consider all the investments in this area as an investment in growing their business. By combining the power of innovation with an in-depth business sense, Ironstone help companies heighten efficiency, boost productivity, accelerate growth and be continuously up to date.


The cloud
A whole new ball game, the cloud changes everything we know about IT; from contract and licensing to management and deployment to the end user. At Ironstone we provide services using Microsoft’s cloud platform to deliver comprehensive solutions and sophisticated IT infrastructures. In addition to this we offer services to help you get the most out of the solutions and outstanding support when needed.


The knowledge
Ironstone is a Microsoft Gold Partner. This is Microsoft’s highest partnership level and signifies that Ironstone has earned the highest possible competency requirements of a partner. This accreditation further supports Ironstone’s role as one of the top independent partners for our customers.


The goal
We strive to be the best and most competent business partner out there, providing our customers first class distribution, management and support. You end up with a company that truly lets technology work for business. Your business.



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