Protect your end-users' identity with Azure AD

Ironstone is experiencing increased demand from companies who want assistance in organizing home office work. Fortunately, there are several cloud services which to a very large extent simplify this process: Microsoft Teams, Windows Virtual Desktop and Azure AD.

Ironstone wants to take their share of social responsibility and contribute to society running efficiently during these extraordinary circumstances. We therefore offer everyone, existing as well as new customers, simple solutions in order to facilitate that all employees be able to work from home without compromising company security concerns. Setup and adaptions, as well as operation will be offered at approximate cost price so long as the situation dictates that large sections of society stay at home.


Azure AD Security Kit: 

In the modern world the most important thing is protecting user identity. Azure Active Directory has many built-in functions which are designed to protect users against outside threats, and with a “Zero Trust” mindset you can use this to protect your users from anywhere.

We will make an assessment of your current environment and along with you implement a Best Practice configuration of the most important safety functions in Microsoft 365 to ensure the safety of your users, even from home.


We now offer all customers the possibility of quickly having: 

  • A review of Azure Active Directory which has been tailored to ensure that you gain as much as possible from the solution.
  • A review of functions and higher risk sign-ins.
  • Recommendation when it comes to limited access and access to Apps.

Ironstone is dedicated in our work on Microsoft cloud services and is strongly focused on automation. We are therefore able to quickly establish a customer-defined cloud platform which enables employees to work independently on whatever location or device is available to the them. All services are offered on a pay-for-what-you-use model and without subscription lock, so that if the need disappears, we will discontinue the services and the costs will disappear.

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