14.02.2019 - COMPANY

We have moved to Epicenter!

2019 will be our third year in business. Ironstone now has 11 employees and growing rapidly. Business is going very well, customers are seeking our services and want to move away from legacy vendors.

Building a new company has several challenges. One of them, and probably one of the most difficult ones; to build a good culture. As all other companies, our team consists of employees with various backgrounds; Some have joined Ironstone straight after graduating from university, and Ironstone is their first employer, others have many years of experience. We therefore have different levels of experience when it comes to business in the cloud.  

The questions I ask myself and the leadership team; how important is the culture and how do we build a culture? Naturally culture is extremely important. It defines how we act towards each other on a daily basis and also how we communicate and work with our customers and partners.

One aspect when building a company culture is office locations! We have been searching for an office environment which can inspire, motivate and give new energy.

At Epicenter in downtown Oslo, we have found exactly what we were searching for. New, modern offices which gives us motivation, every day. We are thrilled to be part of Epicenter and looking forward to getting to know the other companies here, share with them and learn from them.

At Ironstone we say “Business Comes First”.


Tormod Eek President, Ironstone tormod@ironstoneit.com

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