The Guide to Digital Success - The End-Game

When in the cloud, it’s important to not just sit back and think that you're done. It’s time to get on top of your game, stay there and accelerate.


The Guide to Digital Success - Before Take-Off

The strategy often include the right words. But before you go ahead and put the plans into action, make sure you have these pointers in mind. Here...


The Guide to Digital Success - Status Quo

Everyone has a digital strategy, but not everyone knows how they best can realize it, with as few hiccups and challenges as possible. The strategy...


GDPR - the changes summarised

The GDPR becomes effective on May 25th 2018. Not all companies are prepared for the new regulation or even fully aware of what this means for their...


GDPR - Where to begin?

First of all, we recommend to start soon with the work to get GDPR ready. Postponing the transition may give you little room for finding optimal...

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