29.02.2020 - MEET THE TEAM

Meet the team: Bendik, Cloud Business Advisor

We are pleased to announce that Bendik has joined the team as a Cloud Business Advisor. He will be responsible for advising enterprise customers and provide the right solutions for their journey. 

For the past four years, Bendik has worked in the IT-industry, helping enterprise clients manage and utilize rapid changes in modern business technology. After having worked with Microsoft technology for the last two and a half years, Bendik has witnessed how clients work relentlessly to reap the benefits of the cloud.

“I enjoy helping clients find new ways of using Microsoft Cloud Services to generate new business opportunities and improve their day to day operations. It’s impressive to see how Ironstone has developed solutions that can improve and benefit the customers’ business.”

Bendik has worked with many customer scenarios, and he acknowledges that every customer has a different foundation and needs. He believes the most important thing is to have high quality of delivery in all stages of their journey. At Ironstone, we have a great focus on Customer Lifecycle management, and a Smileback system is in place to ensure that we deliver quality throughout our organization.

“I have seen both feedback from customers and metrics that are well above the standards in the industry. The solutions Ironstone provide are cutting edge, and I believe that Ironstone is the place to be if you want to provide clients with the best Microsoft Cloud Solutions and managed services out there, and that happens to be my #1 rule as an advisor and salesman.”


Welcome to the team, Bendik! We are happy to have you onboard. 


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