03.11.2017 - MEET THE TEAM

Welcome Olav, Cloud Operator

Oslo, Norway: Ironstone is pleased to announce that Ironstone Norway hires Olav as a Technical Analyst & Cloud Operator.


After just a few months in production Ironstone experience a great momentum from customers. We have signed more customers, developed more services and migrating more customers and their business applications to the cloud.



To keep up with the great momentum in the market we need to scale. And we were lucky to find Olav located in Trondheim. Olav, class of 2017, graduated from NTNU, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.



"Class of 2017; do great things, we all need it”



Olav studied Information Technology with specialization on operating data centers. Top the icing; 

  • Active Directory
  • Azure AD
  • PowerShell 
  • and more Microsoft Cloud services. 

In addition, when we read his Bachelor thesis on set-up and management of cloud, Azure and PowerShell we were all convinced - Olav was the right candidate for Ironstone.



Olav lives in Trondheim and will work for Ironstone located in Oslo. We consider this a natural combination for a company based in the cloud.


"By hiring Olav, we strengthen our capability to provide even better service." Ironstone Norway CEO, Tormod Eek.


Welcome Olav! 


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