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How to use the cloud in your business

Whether it’s enabling your employees to work from anywhere, gather insight from stored data or boosting your online presence, the cloud can help your business grow.

Scenario 1 – Work anywhere

Enabling employees to work from any location and on any device can greatly improve efficiency and boost productivity- if managed well. Challenges experienced by many businesses are how to ensure information is safe, no matter where it travels, and how to provide employees access to all business- critical applications from any device.

Cloud solutions are the answer. Applications hosted from the cloud can easily (and safely) be accessed from any location or device and cloud management tools allow you to stay in control with just a few clicks.

Scenario 2 – From data to insights

Data, especially customer-data, is of great importance for modern businesses. At this moment, you are probably sitting on loads of unused information. Mapping out processes and storing all the data that is generated in your business is the rest step to making well-informed decisions.

With innovative cloud technology, it’s easier than ever for businesses to gather data and turn it into real-time insights. Whether you need more information about customer behaviour or how to optimize your production process, cloud simplifies the retrieval of hidden information.

Scenario 3 – Your business online

Online presence is of great importance for every industry, but especially prominent in retail if you look at the growth in number of web shops. For these online outlets ensuring availability, even when traffic peaks, is just as important as being able to easily manage stock, orders, invoicing and securing transactions.

Hosting your web shop from a cloud platform enables up- or downscaling, hyper scaling globally and a variety of options for load-balancing of traffic. Also, applications to optimize sales processes are easily integrated.

Eager to learn more? Please download our cloud checklist:

Cloud Checklist

Harald Karlsen Sales & Relations Director harald@ironstoneit.com

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