Pernille Brown

Marketing Manager

Stories by Pernille


Best Place to Work - an end-user's story

If we take the focus away from ‘product specifications’ or ‘how it’s supposed to work’ what more can be useful to know? Well, how it really works for...


One dashboard for everything YOU need

Having to log in to several portals in one workday is a well-known problem. How about just having one where you have everything you need, with...


The Power BI Project

We believe in great partnerships. Together with Printix we at Ironstone have created a free PowerBI Dashboard available for all partners of Printix,...


Welcome Tomas, System Architect

Stockholm, Sweden: Ironstone is pleased to announce that Ironstone has hired Tomas as a System Architect.


GDPR - the changes summarised

The GDPR becomes effective on May 25th 2018. Not all companies are prepared for the new regulation or even fully aware of what this means for their...


Microsoft Teams - Supports the modern team

With the trend of having many devices and working from different locations, your team should have a platform to communicate, share and create new...

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