Make the cloud the best workplace on earth. 

Best Place To Work by Ironstone

Business comes first, especially once you've empowered your employees.

Make your organization the Best Place To Work. Because this solution doesn’t just offer another set of tools. It provides a brand-new way of working. It will enable you to create a modern workspace that ensures flexibility, collaboration and productivity become the backbone of your success.

Collaboration made easy

Enable your staff to share files, internally and externally; co-author documents, with the ability to track activity; and seamlessly update and review work, no matter the device. Forget multiple document versions – there is a better way to work together.

Powered by Office 365

Access from anywhere on any device 

In the office, at home or on the road, and no matter what device, your employees can use a set of tools that will effortlessly provide access to all the applications and resources they need with their single sign-on access account.

Powered by Office 365

Control your data 

Wipe devices, store data online and manage users, leveraging a solutions that helps to enhance your organization’s privacy, transparency and security. By always knowing where your organization’s data is and who has access to it, you can ensure your business’s compliance with all data regulations.

Powered by Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security

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Implementation and integration

From user onboarding, through to data migration and ongoing management – Ironstone will take care of your entire set up. You’ll barely have to lift a finger.

Identity management

With single sign-on login access for tools, files and applications, your team will thank you for not forcing them to remember a hundred different passwords.

Management of mobile devices

Employees need their accounts while on the go. With EMS you can ensure their mobile devices are secure so that they can access their applications to work in a flexible and efficient way.

Secure access

Get the best data protection solutions to stop unwarranted access and ensure ex-employees don’t remove or duplicate data. It’s like Fort Knox for your data.

Regular updates

Microsoft is always advancing, ensure that your setup receives these regular updates so that your employees can continue to work efficiently and collaboratively.

Dedicated local support

No in-house expertise? Our experts will become an extension of your team and provide technical help and best practice advice. They won’t just ask you to switch it on and off again.

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